The Meaning and Symbolism Behind Popular Summer Flower

Many people enjoy gardening and having flowers around during the summertime. Did you ever wonder about the meanings or symbolism behind certain popular summer flowers?

  • Summer Flower Meaning

The seasons change throughout the calendar year. As spring comes to an end, summer arrives with sunshine, warmer weather, and all sorts of colorful flowers. Many people enjoy gardening and having flowers around during the summertime. Did you ever wonder about the meanings or symbolism behind certain popular summer flowers? Well, let us tell you the meaning behind flowers you may see blooming in the summer and what they can represent.


One flower synonymous with summer is the daisy. Daisies are simple flowers with yellow or white petals surrounding a dark center. You will find daisies growing in grassy areas or fields. Daisies have a meaning of innocence and purity. Their bright summer flower colors signal new life and rebirth during warmer months. In some cultures, daisies represent cheerfulness too. So when you see daisies, think about new beginnings and being cheerful.


Another widespread flower of summer is the sunflower. As its name suggests, the sunflower turns its large flower head towards the sun. Sunflowers come in many sizes from just a few inches tall to over 20 feet tall! The sunflower signifies loyalty and solar energy. Since they follow the sun, sunflowers represent being constant. In art and symbols, sunflowers stand for lasting happiness. Next time you pass a field of sunflowers, take a moment to appreciate their meaning of loyalty and perpetual joy.


Roses are a popular flower among many florists in Fort Wayne Indiana during the summer season also. You can find many varieties of roses in shades of pink, red, yellow, and more. Roses mean love and beauty. The rose is widely used as a romantic symbol in poems, art, and expressions like "a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." Rose petals are even used to decorate places where people celebrate love, like at weddings. Whether giving roses to someone special or simply admiring their lush blooms, roses remind us of warm feelings of adoration.


Lilies are an elegant choice for flower delivery in Hoagland. They come in trumpets, long stems, and many other shapes. Lilies symbolize purity, virtue, and rebirth. In some Asian cultures, lilies represent prosperity too. Due to their large size and purity, lilies are often used for special events and celebrations. Their trumpet-shape represents announcing good news. Next time you notice lilies, think about renewal and good fortune.


Poppies are another flower commonly seen in the summer. They have vibrant red, orange, or pink heads. Poppies hold meaning as a symbol of sleep, peace, and fantasy. In war remembrance stories, poppies are shown growing on battlefields as if the land is dreaming of past struggles and searching for calm. Their heavy fragrance has also been thought to induce sleep. Poppies spread a message of tranquility during the summer's lively energy.

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